Which cosmetologist is best for your job?

Cosmetologists have a long and storied history of being hard-working and competent, but recent changes in government and industry have seen a wave of turnover.

So which cosmetologists are most in demand today?

We look at which cosmologists are in the best position to work in your profession.1.

Dr. Paul C. O’ConnorThe cosmetological profession has had its fair share of turnover in recent years, and the new cosmologist in the room might have the most potential to bounce back.

Dr O’ Connor, who joined the profession in the 1980s, is the director of the Center for Cosmetology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and has worked with celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

O’dConnor has been working in the field of cosmetologies since the 1990s, and he has helped to create many of the most popular brands in the industry.

He’s also a popular lecturer at cosmetologics conferences around the world, and his recent research on the effects of climate change has garnered international attention.2.


Stephanie Kostin and Kristin RiggsThe former chair of the American Academy of Cosmetologist (AAAC), and the current president of the International Association of Cosmeceuticals, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kristin are experienced practitioners in their respective fields, but they both specialize in cosmetic dermatology.

Dr Kostim and Dr Riggs are cosmological specialists, and they have worked with celebrity celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

They have both been recognized for their work in the cosmology field by the International Cosmecesutical Association (ICA), and Dr K.O.R. is one of the best-known practitioners in the world today.3.

Dr Michael M. CianfranceThe former president of The American Cosmetological Association (ACA), Dr Michael is a pioneer in the use of modern cosmetetics and has been instrumental in the development of the cosmeceutic profession in recent decades.

Dr M.C. is currently a professor at the College of Dentistry, where he has developed a new method of treatment for cosmetic skin problems, which he hopes will be widely adopted by dermatologists around the globe.4.

Dr Richard E. Munk The founder and CEO of the Cosmological Institute, Dr Richard is one the world’s foremost authorities in cosmetoculturing.

Dr R.E.M. is a renowned dermatologist and a pioneer of cosmogenesis, and Dr Munk’s work has led to a slew of innovative products for the cosmetic industry.5.

Dr John A. StaleyThe founder and executive director of Cosmetic Cosmetics, Dr John has been in the business for more than 30 years, working on the cosmetic side of the cosmetics industry for over two decades.

His cosmologic research has led him to create a range of products for skin care, such as the popular Face Mist, and is known for his unique facial hair treatment technique.6.

Dr James J. WilliamsThe founder of the Society for Cosmogenesis (SC), Dr James was the founding president of a prominent cosmectomy program in the U.S. and has authored numerous books on cosmogony.

Dr Williams also founded the Association for Cosmecelogical Research (ACR), and has served as an advisory board member to several major cosmetic companies, including Sephora, Benefit, and MAC Cosmetics.7.

Dr Thomas H. KoehlerThe founding director of The Cosmologist Institute and the president of Cosmetic Sciences at Northwestern University, Dr Thomas has a strong foundation in cosmologics, with decades of experience working with celebrities, athletes, and other industry leaders.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Cosmetic Society of America and has advised leading cosmetic companies on their products.8.

Dr Jeffrey L. McDonoughThe founder, president, and CEO at The Cosmetologic Institute, The Cosmatologist is an experienced practitioner who has spent a great deal of time working with Hollywood celebrities, such the late actor John Wayne, who is credited with being the inspiration behind the film, The Wizard of Oz.9.

Dr Stephen L. SmithThe former chairman of the Board of Cosmologists of the Association of Professional Cosmeticians (APC), Dr Stephen has been a leading authority on cosmology since the 1980’s, and helped to develop a number of the world-renowned cosmetic dermatologists.10.

Dr Mark A. BekkersThe former director of Cosmetics Research, Dr Mark is a former president and co-founder of The Cosmetic Cosmology Association (TCA), and he is also the chairman of CosmoCosmetics, which is an international industry association.11.

Dr Andrea P. SorensenThe founder/CEO of Cosmetic Cosmetics and the founding director at Cosmetic Sciences and

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