When Cosmetology Became ‘Banned in Kentucky’

Cosmetologists in Kentucky have been banned from working in the state for a decade after they were accused of practicing their profession illegally.

The state legislature passed a bill to end the ban on cosmetologists by February 1st, but its fate remains uncertain. 

Kentucky Cosmetological Licensee Association (KCA) said the ban was implemented to “protect the integrity of the industry and the profession”.

It said its members had been threatened with sanctions. 

The KCA’s executive director, Julie O’Connell, said: “Kentucky is one of the most diverse states in the country and many of our cosmetologist employees come from diverse backgrounds and have unique personalities.”

The state has had a cosmetological license for years and this ban is part of that legacy and the reason why the state has so much to offer.” 

Kentuckians have long been wary of cosmetologies, which they view as a lucrative profession that does not provide an acceptable level of training.

According to the Kentucky Cosmetologic Licensee, the ban will affect approximately 1,200 licensed cosmetologic licensees and 300 cosmetogenists. “

We are extremely grateful for the state of Kentucky for ensuring that cosmetologists can practice safely and professionally, and for ensuring the health and safety of our employees,” the company said. 

According to the Kentucky Cosmetologic Licensee, the ban will affect approximately 1,200 licensed cosmetologic licensees and 300 cosmetogenists.

It said it expected some of those cosmetolors to close their doors. 

In a statement, the state’s Cosmetogenist Association, which represents cosmetographers in Kentucky, said it welcomed the news and welcomed the repeal of the ban. 

KCA said the state legislature was “well aware of the cosmetography licensees’ concerns” and “we appreciate the state and the legislature taking action to protect the health of the residents of Kentucky.” 

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