“You can’t teach your children that their skin looks like that” – A Jewish cosmetologist

A Jewish beauty teacher who was forced to resign from her teaching job after she was caught with the body of a teenage girl was left “really shocked” when she discovered her student had a tattoo on her right shoulder that looked like that of a woman in the film Beauty and the Beast, she said.

“It was so unexpected and it was such a shock,” Natan Sharansky told The Jerusalem Times in an interview published on Thursday.

“We didn’t know about this until the day after it happened and we thought she was just messing with us, so we were really surprised.”

“The first thing that I thought was, ‘oh my God, is this really happening?'”

The 23-year-old teacher, who was born in Ukraine but moved to Israel when she was a teenager, had recently started teaching at a private school in the capital, but was informed by the school’s headmaster that the pupil had had a previous tattoo of a man, not a woman, on her shoulder.

“I immediately knew that this girl was a little bit unusual, but the thing is, she has a normal tattoo, so what we didn’t realise is that it was really a woman,” Sharansky said. 

She added that the teacher had been approached by the headmaster of the private school several times, but had never heard anything about the case, even after being contacted by the Jewish news website Haaretz. 

“The headmaster had not even told me that this was a problem,” Sharanksy said.

She added that she had told the headmasters boss, but that she was still “completely shocked” by the case. 

Sharansky said that she first became aware of the problem when she came across a Facebook post by the teenager’s mother. 

“This is why I was surprised to find out about the issue. “

“But we have to keep our kids safe and that’s what we are doing.” “

The headmasters’ chief of staff told the paper that he was contacted by her, but declined to comment further. “

But we have to keep our kids safe and that’s what we are doing.” 

The headmasters’ chief of staff told the paper that he was contacted by her, but declined to comment further. 

Meanwhile, Sharansky has received more than 500 messages of support from people across the country. 

On her Facebook page, she wrote:  “I know it is hard for everyone.

We all have to work through it together.” “

Please do not judge me by my own actions.

We all have to work through it together.” 

On Wednesday, Sharanksys mother wrote on Facebook: “‘Beauty and the beast’ is not about the women.

It is about a man. 

‘Beauty is the only beauty we can have.'”

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