How to get the most out of your new Cosmetology School reno

The new reno in Kozhikode will be the first in India, and will be opened on December 8.

The new cosmetological school will be run by the International Union of Cosmetologists (IUCS), which has been accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The reno will be led by the head of the newly launched Kerala Cosmetological Institute (KCAI), Dr. Jayadev Chandrasekhar.

The new renos will be staffed by professionals with extensive training and certification in different fields of study.

The KCAI has been running reno since 2016 and has already been accredited with the WHO.

Dr Chandrasekhhar is an associate professor at the KCAIs research school and he has been working on the project for about a year.

He said the aim is to create an environment in which students have a professional knowledge and are able to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

The school will also have facilities for students to use and improve their knowledge in a professional environment.

“The KCA’s main focus will be on cosmetical education, as we have developed a comprehensive curriculum for the students in which they will learn about the profession and its history.

Students will learn skills such as painting, hair styling, cosmetologies, cosmetic, facial surgery, and cosmetics,” he said.”

Students will also get the chance to work with professionals in the fields of cosmetic, dermatology, and plastic surgery,” he added.

Dr. Chandraseckhar said the school is in the final stages of construction, and students will begin working in January 2018.

“We will be hosting a workshop on December 10 and December 14, which will give students the opportunity to interact with the professionals working at the reno,” he told IANS.

The Kerala government, the National Cosmetic Institute (NCI), the Indian Cosmetric Society (ICOS) and the International Cosmetical Federation (ICEF) have also been involved in the reNO project.

The KACI is a private institution affiliated with the University of Kerala, with the aim of promoting the study of the profession of cosmetography.

“Kerala’s cosmetologists will have the opportunity of learning a wide range of disciplines from cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, cosmology, and physical sciences.

We aim to create a professional education for students,” said Dr Chandraseksar.

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