A woman claims she was the first to see the moon in 2018

Now Playing: Woman claims she saw the moon for the first time in 2018 Now Playing ‘How the moon changed my life’: Astronaut shares his story Now Playing How a moon is ‘not just an object of curiosity’ Now Playing A new generation of astronauts is changing the way we look at space Now Playing The next wave of NASA astronauts is arriving at NASA Now Playing NASA announces the 2020 lunar landing mission Now Playing New Moon-shaped objects spotted by astronauts on the Moon Now Playing An artist’s rendering of what NASA plans to create on the lunar surface Now Playing What is the best way to stay healthy while visiting the Moon?

Now Playing Where does the Earth get its energy?

Now Play How NASA is saving the Earth from extinction Now Playing Why you should be watching the Moon for the First Time Now Playing Astronauts on the moon and beyond Now Playing SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft blasts off for a maiden voyage Now Playing Watch NASA’s Lunar Rover take a deep breath before taking off for the moon Now Playing Can you spot the next generation of NASA astronaut?

Now Over 4,000 NASA employees will descend on the International Space Station for a one-year mission Now Over 30,000 people have signed up to be part of the next-generation crew of NASA’s upcoming crewed mission to the moon, and more are joining every day Now Playing When you look down, you’ll see a world unlike any you’ve ever seen before Now Playing Trump administration will decide on who gets paid for the space agency’s next moon mission Now Play What is SpaceX’s plan to send humans to the lunar far side of the moon?

Now The US Air Force has officially declared the moon a ‘space threat,’ and will begin testing its next-gen rocket launch vehicle, known as Space Launch System, later this month Now Playing Donald Trump, who was previously critical of NASA, now wants to get more astronauts to the Moon, too Now Playing Former NASA astronaut says he was the ‘first to see’ the moon… and the moon was ‘like a new beginning’ Now The moon is “not just a object of concern” Now Playing Will you see the next NASA lunar landing in 2020?

Now A NASA spokesperson says they’re “still assessing the safety and operational implications” of the new rocket Now Playing Elon Musk has been busy at SpaceX, making a lot of money now, but not enough to buy his own house Now Playing First moon-shaped object spotted by NASA astronauts on Moon Now Featuring NASA’s 2020 lunar mission to land on the surface of the Moon

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