How to Find the Best Cosmetology Schools in Spain

In a new book titled Cosmetological Online: From Home to the Cosmetologist, the author, Laura Nieves, details the best cosmetological schools in Spain and the best ways to get there.

In a recent article on, Nieves shared her experience of being a cosmetologist in Spain for more than 10 years.

Cosmetologists in Spain are in the best position to attract top talent.

In the past, it was easier to get a cosmologist than in many other European countries.

Today, with a growing number of cosmetologists and students coming from other countries, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for many Spaniards to find a school with an excellent reputation.

While there are many different kinds of cosmological schools, Nives said there are two schools that she is particularly proud of: one based in Barcelona and one in Barcelona’s suburb of El País. 

“In my opinion, Barcelona’s school is the best in Spain, the school that I would want to work with, to go into graduate school in the future,” Nieves told Cosmopolitan, adding that the school’s staff were excellent.

Nieves also said she feels that the most important aspect of cosmology is its “intellectual dimension.”

“The best thing about cosmology, is that it gives us a real insight into the universe, which is so important in our understanding of our world and our universe,” Nives explained.

“We are a cosmology-obsessed society.

When we have an opportunity to learn cosmology we learn so much about the universe.”

In the interview, Niles said that cosmologists should also think about their careers in a similar way to how they would think about medicine.

“If you have a problem and want to solve it, there’s no better way than to go to a doctor,” Niles noted.

“I have always had a dream of going to medical school, and now I have that dream fulfilled.”

The book, which Nieves wrote with her husband, Dr. Luis González, is a collaboration with Dr. Pedro Guimaraes, a pediatrician at a Spanish hospital.

“My dream is to become a cosmopolitan, cosmetologico,” Nievers said.

Nives also shared a number of advice for aspiring cosmologos and students.

She advised that students should always make sure they have the knowledge they need to achieve success in the cosmetical field.

“The way you study cosmology and cosmology should be the same,” Nive said.

“Study the basics, and study everything else.”

The author also suggested students should look to a cosmológico, or an individual who has completed a medical degree, as a model for their future careers.

“When you look at cosmologies, you have to consider how you will apply that to your life,” Nies said.

She added that she had learned from her experience in the field of medicine. 

Nieves said that the best thing that a student can learn about cosmography is to understand the principles of the cosmographía, or the study of cosme, as well as the principles and methods of cosmic photography.

“Photography is a science, and the more you learn about photography, the more cosmographical knowledge you can learn,” Nees said. 

In the Cosmopolitan interview, the Nieves said they would continue to support their clients, including the many professional photographers who are interested in studying cosmology.

Cosmologists are in a unique position in that they are the first to take on the challenges posed by the modern world.

Nies and Gonzáles said they had no regrets about choosing to pursue a career in cosmology because it was a career that would help them grow as individuals and as a profession.

“It is very hard to find cosmographers today, so we want to give our clients the chance to achieve their dreams and achieve their ambitions,” Nones said.

The best way to become an expert in the fields of cosmology, cosmograpía, and cosme photography is to study at the best schools and to apply what you have learned to your career. 

For more information on cosmologic schools in the U.S., visit the Cosmological Schools page on the Cosmology page of the National Association of Cosmetologists website.

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