When does Nevada cosmetologists get their first shot at winning the coveted prestigious Golden Globes?

When the Golden GlobES officially kicks off next week, the Nevada state legislature will be hosting a special legislative session on January 27 to debate legislation that will make Nevada a “golden state” in cosmetological fields, as well as a place for “cosmetologists to get their shot at the top of the box office.”

According to the Las Vegas Sun, this will also be the first time Nevada will host an Emmy Awards ceremony. 

However, according to the Nevada Gazette, “the bill has drawn fierce opposition from cosmetologist and public health advocates.

The Nevada Assembly voted for the bill by a vote of 55-3 in January, but some lawmakers have voiced concerns over the bill’s potential impact on public health.

“A child with an infection or exposure to a toxin in a cosmetologic lab could be sick enough to require a hospitalization. “

It could cause children to get sick, which would then trigger an emergency,” Moller wrote.

“A child with an infection or exposure to a toxin in a cosmetologic lab could be sick enough to require a hospitalization.

It could also lead to a false sense of security for cosmetologians, since many are not trained in how to treat people with the potentially deadly respiratory illnesses that could come from exposure to lab workers who do not have protective gear.”

According to Moller’s report, this bill could also cause the state of Nevada to lose the “Golden Globes” prize in the 2018 calendar year.

“This bill is designed to benefit the Las Vegans, not the state,” Mollers argument reads. 

Cosmetology can be incredibly lucrative and lucrative in Nevada, with the state’s annual revenue of $12 billion.

The state’s economy has also grown exponentially since 2010, thanks to tourism and the influx of cosmetophones and beauty salons. 

As a cosmo-medical professional, you’re not a tourist, Moller says.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Moller says that her concerns have not been shared by other cosmetrists. 

“I am aware of other people who are concerned that we are in a very, very unhealthy industry and that people who work in that industry should be paid, but I don’t know any other cosmologists that are concerned about that,” Molla said. 

According to the Associated Press report, “Moller said she is concerned that the bill could increase the cost of health care for Nevada residents, who are already paying higher prices for prescription drugs than they do for prescriptions for cosmetic surgeries, hair and makeup.” 

“Cosmetologists who work on Cosmo has a reputation for being a very good working environment and is a very safe, positive and supportive environment,” Milla said.

“We are very excited to be a part of this historic celebration.”

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