Cosmetology Doll Head: ‘No, it’s not a fake’

This article contains spoilers for The Princess Diaries, which airs on ABC on Wednesday, February 6 at 8:30pm.

This article is in the news and we’ve been following developments in the case since it was reported in January.

As the case unfolded, ABC News contacted a handful of people involved with the case.

Among the responses were the woman who made the doll and her husband, who owns the company.

ABC News spoke to one of those people, and she was adamant that the doll was not a hoax.

“The first time I saw it I thought it was a toy.

Then when I saw the video I thought, Oh, my god, it looks real,” the woman told ABC News.

“It was actually a real doll that had a little red nose and it had a wig on top of it.”

The woman said the doll’s owner had asked her to remove the wig, and when she refused she received a phone call telling her that the wig was “too big”.

She said she also received an email telling her to take down the wig and that she could return it for a refund.

“She told me that she had it from the toy store,” the person said.

“I just thought, That’s a lot of information.”

ABC News visited the Cosmetological Doll head in New Zealand.

We were able to confirm the doll is a real person.

Photo: Facebook Facebook The doll’s face has been digitally digitally altered to look more like that of a woman who is a cosmetologist, according to the woman.

She says the doll has been professionally painted with a series of different hair colors, as well as different eye shapes.

The doll was created by New Zealand based company Cosmetologica Doll Head.

The company, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand, told ABC that it has worked closely with police to identify the woman in the video and that it is working with police in New South Wales to question her.

The woman told us that she believed the doll had been digitally altered because the doll “wasn’t the same face as her”.

The CosmetOLOGica Doll head has been uploaded to Facebook.

The New Zealand-based company Cosmologica says it is currently investigating the video.

The video is not the first time a Cosmetologist Doll Head has been investigated.

In June 2018, New South Welsh police raided a home in Auckland where they found a doll which had been “sexually mutilated and defaced”.

The doll had “deformed” the woman’s face and “furred up her ears”, and was made from a plastic bottle, the police said.

The investigation found that the woman had posted online about the incident, which was captured on a video.

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