Cosmetology licenses issued nationwide, but some areas still need licenses


—  More than 90,000 people applied for licenses to practice their profession in the United States as of Thursday, but a handful of states remain in the black.

The number of licenses issued in the U.S. rose by 17% to about 4.7 million, according to the U,S.

Department of Justice.

Some states issued more than 4 million licenses, while others issued about 2.4 million.

Among the states with the largest increases in licenses were California, which saw a 33% increase, and Hawaii, which rose by a whopping 28%.

The number also jumped in Utah, where the number of applications increased by 8% to 7,664.

But some states saw declines in their numbers, with some states seeing their licenses fall by as much as 20%.

In Texas, the number fell by 4%, to 8.9 million applications.

But there were fewer applications than in 2015, when more than 7 million were submitted.

In New York, the total rose by 14% to 5.6 million applications, but there were 1,547 fewer licenses than in 2014, when there were 785,624.

The number fell in Pennsylvania, by 12%, to 639,079.

The state also saw a decline in the number on its own, with applications dropping by about 2% to 1.2 million.

Among the 10 states with fewer licenses were Maine, which had fewer applications in 2015 than in 2016.

But the number still rose by about 13% to 2,894.

Texas, Arizona and Washington saw declines.

Arizona saw its number drop by 16% to 631,931.

Washington saw its numbers fall by 5% to 9,073.

And in Utah the number rose by 11% to 3,813.

But Utah saw fewer applications from the state in 2016, but it still had about 7 times as many applications as in 2015.

The Department of Labor reported that about 21% of the total number of people who applied for cosmetological licenses last year were men, down from more than 35% in 2015 when men were the majority.

Women are now about 10% of applicants.

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