Aveda, cosmetologists to strike deal over wages

Avedas cosmetologist union says it is seeking to strike a deal with a top university after it was hit by a three-year strike by the department.

The Australian Cosmetology Union (ACU) has launched a website and a petition asking the Department of Education to lift the contract that covers the profession.

“We’re not expecting an easy strike but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep the industry open,” ACU secretary of the president, Andrew Lacey, told the ABC.

“If they’re going to have to make concessions on wages, on conditions and conditions of health and safety, it’s not just for Avedan or any other union but it’s also for the Australian community.”

The department has said it is working on a deal.

“The department is committed to providing a fair and transparent process to ensure that all parties are treated fairly, fairly and fairly,” the department said in a statement.

It’s a very tough time for all of us’Avedas is one of Australia’s most respected cosmetological schools and the nation’s largest.”

This is an ongoing process and is expected to take time.”‘

It’s a very tough time for all of us’Avedas is one of Australia’s most respected cosmetological schools and the nation’s largest.

The union said it has had a contract since 2008.

“It’s been a tough time,” ACUC secretary Andrew Lacy said.

“I’ve seen people going from $100,000 to $150,000, and that’s a really big difference.”

People are leaving the profession for the sake of the profession and the quality of work that’s produced.

“People are just really struggling.”

The union says the department has failed to provide a plan for training the cosmetrist workforce and the lack of training and support is leading to lower standards in the profession, which has been called a “career killer”.ACU national secretary, David Stapleton, said a proposed agreement could help to “rebuild” the profession through a new training model.

“This new model is based on apprenticeships and mentoring, with some new funding,” Mr Stapletonsays.

“Aveda is a big part of the model and we’re hoping that the Department can find a way to bring the Avedans union into this model.”


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