HCC Academy of Cosmetology 2018-2019 Annual Awards 2018-19

by Staff WriterI have just finished reading an excellent article by the head of HCC Cosmetological Academy, Milady Cosmetologists Academy, who has just finished her first year at the academy.

She is a great writer and a good administrator.

She is a very active member of the academy and the staff are also very well connected.

Her first year was spent in Istanbul and Istanbul is her hometown.

The Academy also has an international office in London.

Milady has been a professional photographer since she was in her teens and is very talented at it.

She had an exceptional first year and she has made a very good impression on the students, parents and the teachers.

She has been involved in a number of projects.

She had an exhibition of a painting of a young girl in Istanbul.

The painting has a strong influence on her and she was invited to the European Paintings Festival to give a talk on the history of Turkish art in Istanbul last year.

The young artist has also done a number on a large scale in Istanbul, including a large mural in the city’s Sultaniye district.

This mural is in a different style to the more traditional style, which has a different palette of colors.

The exhibition was in support of the project of the HCC Museum of Contemporary Art.

Milthy also has a great passion for architecture and she is planning to create a beautiful building for the Academy of Arts in the coming years.

She will be taking up the position of the head instructor for the first time.

She has already shown great interest in the profession and she will continue to be involved in the Academy.

Milty has always been interested in painting and has a beautiful eye for detail.

She loves to learn new skills and this year she took up painting in the autumn.

She enjoys to work on the small side and the Academy will be her second job.

The staff are always happy to help her and they look forward to seeing her next year.

I am very grateful for the support of my friends and colleagues in HCC cosmetological school and the many positive messages she has received.

Milcy has a keen interest in music and has recently started to write a book.

It will be published in 2018.

It is a book about the history and future of the school and it is a perfect book for the young people of HCT.

The Academy is a fantastic place to live and work and I look forward very much to working with Milady in the future.

I have read a great article about Milady by her colleague, Ms Aida Baghçı, in which she writes that she loves her job and is really happy with the job she has had so far.

She feels very proud to be the head teacher of the Academy and she feels that she is helping to build up the Turkish art scene in the UK.

I am very proud of the young person who is currently the headteacher of HCCC Academy.

She really is a wonderful person and I hope that her work will help to strengthen the talent of the Turkish artists and increase the number of Turkish artists in the country.

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