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Arrojo Cosmetology School is a small cosmetological school in Rio de Janeiro that provides cosmetologies and medical school degrees for students from around the world.

The school has just received the highest number of international students in a year, with more than 300 international students enrolled in the past two years.

In total, Arrojos students have received more than 6,000 international students since the start of the year.

The school is one of the top ranked cosmetologists in the world, with the students having achieved the highest grades in their respective fields, according to a recent report by the Higher Education Services Agency (ESA).

In the past year, Arroyos students scored more than 10,000 in their international degree programs, according the ESA.

This is the second highest number in the country, behind Rio de Janiero.

In 2014, the school received nearly 3,000 students, of which about 6,800 attended the International Bachelor of Cosmetologies in the International and International Masters of Cosmotherapy.

This year, the number is higher at nearly 6,400 students, the report said.

The students in the cosmetología have a number of specialized programs, such as dermatology, dermatology and massage, as well as advanced degrees in the field of plastic surgery.

Arrojas students are also taking part in the international community in different ways.

The graduates are also teaching abroad in countries such as Spain, where they are also being trained by international companies and universities.

According to the ESO, about 7,000 Arroyo students have participated in international education, while the rest of the students are continuing their studies in Brazil.

The university is working to increase the number of students from other countries in the future, and is working on opening the school to foreign students, according a university statement.

The university has also developed a number to help students obtain more international degrees, including an international course, in the form of the Arroyojos International Bachelor in Cosmetologies and Medical Education.

Students will study international subjects such as cosmetistry, medical history, cosmetography, medicine, cosmology, surgery, and pedagogy, according an announcement.

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