Cosmetology licenses expire, licensees seek to keep classes in place

California cosmetologists and other licensees seeking to keep the state’s accredited programs open have asked a federal judge to delay a deadline for renewal of their licenses by a year.

Lawyers for Cosmetologists Association of California and other cosmetological associations said Friday they will appeal the judge’s ruling.

The ruling was issued Friday by U.S. District Judge Michael Davis.

Davis said he has previously ordered that Cosmetologist License Plate Numbers (CLENs) issued to licensees not to renew their licenses “shall be renewed for at least two years.”

Cosmetologists’ licenses are issued by the state, and many cosmetologic schools offer cosmetologist classes.

They are required to renew annually.

The licenses expire in 2018, and licensees have been asked to submit a new license each year by Aug. 30.

The licenses are used to renew cosmetographic and cosmeturgical licenses in the state.

Davis said in the court filing that Cosmétology License Plate Number (CLEN) renewal applications must be submitted by Aug 31 and that licenses may be renewed more than once.

The license plates are used by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to determine license plates.

Davis did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

The license plates, which have a three-digit number, were issued in the early 1990s, and cosmétologists, including a few licensed to teach at hospitals, have been using them for decades.

Davis cited the “unintended consequences” of the issuance of the license plates and urged Cosmetological Association of Southern California and the California State Cosmetological Society to submit applications to renew.

Lawsuits have been filed against the state by licensed cosmetrologists who are seeking to remain licensed after the expiration date.

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