Cosmetology grant numbers revealed

Cosmetologists across the UK are celebrating their latest grants, with some expecting to see some big names come through with some huge sums.

The latest figures from the Cosmetological Research Council show that just over 1,000 applicants have been granted over the last five years, and they’re all hoping to break into the top 10 of the list.

A lot of the funding is coming from universities like Imperial College London, Sheffield and the University of Reading, as well as the UK government.

The cosmetologists’ charity, Cosmeticians for Cosmetabolism, are also very happy with their recent awards, with £1,500 in total.

The first-ever Cosmetical Research Council award was given to one of the UK’s leading experts in the field, Dr Chris Dix, for his work in identifying new products and solutions to cosmetabolites’ problems.

He said: ‘This award was a huge honour, and I have been working with Cosmetics for Cosmogenesis since 2012.’

The funding has been invaluable for my team, who have been able to work with new companies and research partners, as part of our Cosmetologie programme.’

Our work has helped us to discover and identify products that could potentially improve the lives of millions of people in Britain.’

I am extremely proud of the work that we have been doing, and look forward to sharing this award with the cosmeticians who have made it possible.’

Dix also praised the new Cosmetologist’s Council and its funding, which has allowed the organisation to carry out more research and development work on its products.’

We have also seen some exciting new products emerge, and it’s great to see our funding continue to grow as well,’ he said.

‘Our aim is to bring the best products to the market, and we’re looking forward to supporting the Cosmogenies’ mission to make this happen.’

Cosmetologists have been recognised by the UK Government for their work in helping people with cosmetaphobia and their families.

The Cosmetician’s Council has been awarded £1.2 million for its work in improving the lives and wellbeing of people living with anxiety and depression.’

This is fantastic news, and shows how seriously we take our work,’ said Sarah MacGregor, Cosmologie’s Director.’

Cosmetology has a long history of supporting people living in the UK with their anxiety and the CosmeGenes are now working hard to ensure we are able to continue to support the Cosmetic industry.’

It’s great that we now have the support we need to carry on providing the best care for our patients, as we work to develop more treatments and new products that will help millions of patients with anxiety.’

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