What you need to know about cosmetologists license in California

The California Department of Cosmetology and Related Licenses (CDSL) regulates the licensing of cosmetologist.

It requires cosmeticians to complete a six-month certification exam and undergo a four-month probationary period to maintain their license.

In other words, a cosmetist who fails to pass the certification exam or undergo a probationary time will not be able to practice cosmetistry in California.

The CDSL also requires a cosmologist to complete additional courses and undergo refresher training before he or she can practice cosmologically.

The California Department for Cosmetological Education (CDCE) regulates licensure in the state’s cosmetological field.

It has several licenses for cosmetists and is responsible for maintaining the licensing database.

Licensure is subject to a minimum of two years of continuing education and completion of an annual renewal application.

A cosmetrist must pass the licensing exam in order to practice as a cosmeceologist in California, which can be done through the Cosmetologists Certification Exam Board.

In order to become a licensed cosmetologist in California you must:Take and pass a cosmeter license test at least once a year; Pass an exam for the cosmetic license exam; Pass the exam for cosmecedic licensure; Pass a refresher course at least three times; and Complete a refreshers training program.

The CDCE has issued licenses to:•Certified Cosmetologist •Certified Therapist •Certificates for Practical and Applied Cosmetistry•Cosmetologist License•Cosmeceuticals LicensingCertification ExamBoard•Cosmogonist License•Licensed Cosmetrologist•Licensing Requirements

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