‘Cosmetology: A Real Career’ by Alex Ganser and Alex Gomes

With the upcoming release of his first full-length album, Alex Ganes is stepping into the world of cosmetologists, as well as a new career path he’s been exploring since his time at the helm of his iconic ‘Cosmic Circus’ show.

Ganes’ new album, Cosmic Circus, is the result of a collaboration between Gans, drummer Joe Cale, guitarist/vocalist Aaron Deering, and bassist Nick Van Gendt.

As with any collaborative effort, the band’s debut album was a major departure from the band members’ earlier work.

“We were really into doing this album, we really wanted to put out something that was our own.

We were always in touch with the guys from Cosmic Circus to make sure they were on board, so that’s why we did this record,” Ganes said.

Cosmic Circles is a full-band project and a mix of sounds from different musical genres, from classic rock to dance music to indie rock.

Ganes, Cale and Van Gends are joined by drummer Aaron Deery on keyboards and percussion, guitarist Alex Gonsen on bass and vocals, and vocalist Nick van Gendts on guitar and percussion.

The album features a variety of guest musicians including Jazmine Sullivan, Dan Dutton, Joe Calkins, Paul Oakenfold, and others, as Gans and Cale worked on creating a musical identity for the band.

“This is my first time working with Alex and Joe, so I’m super grateful to have them on board and work with them,” Gans said.

“They really understand the sound of what we want to do with this record, and I’m really happy with the direction that we’ve taken.

It’s really nice to see the band come together.”

Ganes is currently on tour with the band and is excited to be playing with the new album.

“I’m really excited to see how it plays and how it sounds,” Gains said.

Cosmic Circus is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

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