How the cosmetologist behind a Kentucky cosmetological school saved the city

In a story of beauty and heartache, Kentucky cosmologist Jennifer Siegel, the mother of a school girl, has taken a stand against racism in cosmetologists.

The daughter of a working-class family, Jennifer and her husband started a cosmetologie school in Louisville in 2010.

Its students have since graduated from the school with degrees in architecture, fine arts, and photography, earning a coveted Cosmetology Certificate.

Jennifer, who had to move away from her home in Kentucky to get married, said the school’s reputation was tarnished by racism.

“My mom used to say ‘that is a white cosmetician’s shop’,” she said.

“[They] were just a bunch of white guys who used to work there.”

But Jennifer has been able to turn the cosmological school around and its graduates have found a career in the US and abroad.

They are now a proud member of the National Cosmetological Association, the largest cosmetolgist union in the country.

Their work has paid off for Jennifer.

When her daughter was in high school, Jennifer started to wonder what was happening to her in Kentucky, where she was raised.

She found out about the Cosmetologia School and the Black Lives Matter movement, and started working with a local nonprofit, the Cosmo Foundation, to make the school a sanctuary for students.

At the end of the year, Jennifer asked the school to send a scholarship fund to the family of one of the students who died from cancer.

In October, she said, she got a call from a group of Black Lives Matters activists.

Ms Siegel said they wanted to help and were very receptive to her plea.

Black Lives Matter is an umbrella movement for people of colour who are protesting police brutality and oppression in America.

As part of the scholarship, Ms Siegel has been invited to attend a memorial for one of her students, who died of melanoma.

This is her dream, Ms Mutha said.

“I’ve been waiting for her for so long.”

The Black Lives Muthah Foundation was founded in 2003 by Ms Snyder.

Since then, the Black Lives Matter movement has become a huge part of Black lives in America, she told

It is also an inspiration to many young Black cosmologists, Ms Lutha added.

Over the years, Ms Odom and her friends have been inspired by the Black lives of cosmeticians, who have helped educate others about the struggles of the black community, she explained.

Her family has also had the opportunity to work alongside Black Lives activists at the Cosmopolitan Cosmetrics in Washington, DC, and her daughter attends a cosmology class at the school, too.

While Ms Odoms mother’s dream is to have a cosmologie degree, her family has had a lot of support from her community, Ms Smith said.

“We’ve had a few people from the community come up to her and say thank you for everything that you’ve done,” she said of the Black Cosmologia Foundation.

“It’s been great.

It’s been very supportive.”

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